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A Q-C tie to Indy

Looking for someone to root for in the IndyCar Series and the Indianapolis 500?

How about Ryan Briscoe. No, his favorite ice cream isn’t Whitey’s.

But he has a Q-C area native on his pit crew. Maquoketa, Iowa’s Travis Law changes the left front tire for Briscoe.

I talked with him before the race today, and he said Ryan likes the car and the team thinks he has found the right setup for the weather. It is hot and humid at the track. It likely will get greasy as the afternoon wears on.

The X factor today might be the so-called “push-to-pass” button. Drivers only get 15 for the race, and Law suspects the leaders will save all of those for the final laps.  He surmised that the draft at Indy might trump the button, and if you get a good enough run on a car, you wouldn’t need the button. We will see if he’s right.

Law, 24, said feels confident that he won’t make any mistakes for his team. He has to change the tire in 4 seconds for the pit stop to be a success.

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  • Vera Barten

    Travis is our grandson and has worked hard to be a team member at Penske Racing. He has worked for them for 4 years after attending NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville, N.C. We are very happy for him and his hard work!

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