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With all apologies to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King and his “Ten things I think I think,” here’s 10 things I know after the biggest racing weekend of the year:
Humpy WHeeler1. I know the IndyCar Series needs help at promoting its races and has needed that help for a long time.
It might finally get that help as H.A. “Humpy” Wheeler was at the Brickyard on Sunday.
Although, it might take a miracle to put Indy back on the map as it once was, if anyone can work miracles, it’s Humpy.

IRL Indy 500 Auto Racing2. I know three of the top 10 drivers at Indy won’t be at the race next weekend in Milwaukee. Townsend Bell, left, Will Power and Paul Tracy were one-off deals. They won’t compete at Milwaukee. Six of the finishers in the 11th through 20th spots won’t be there either including Tomas Scheckter and Sarah Fisher. And that more or less sums up what’s eating open-wheel racing these days.
Tracy might find a ride with A.J. Foyt Racing, as Vitor Meira, who suffered the second-most vicious hit of the Indy 500, is out for the season with a back injury.

IRL Indy 500 Auto Racing3. I know Tony Kanaan will race next week in Milwaukee after suffering the hardest hit of the day. It’s no knock on Meira, who certainly is a tough driver, too. But Kanaan is about as tough as they come.
The Andretti/Green driver might have suffered some broken ribs and slew of bruises after hitting the wall almost head on at 195 mph. He told Speed TV’s Robin Miller that the car sustained 175 G’s on impact.

4. I know if Formula One was using a medals system instead of a points system the championship MONACO AUTO RACING F1 GPalready would have been decided.
Not that it isn’t already. I don’t know if anyone can catch Jenson Button, right, and Brawn GP the rest of this year and we’re not even to the season’s halfway point.
Something is fishy in your sport if a team that didn’t exist or was near-extinction a month before the season started ends up winning the whole thing in blowout fashion.
And you thought IndyCar had problems.

windsor5. I know that we should know more about the U.S. Formula One team that allegedly will run next season.
I’d like to know who is sponsoring this team. Everyone else would like to know who is driving for this team.
Here’s what we know, or think we do: The team will use Cosworth engines. Cosworth hasn’t been in the sport since 2006. That’s all I know, and I just found that out last week.
So, judging by the Brawn GP plan for success, might as well just give Peter Windsor, left, and Ken Anderson the championship now.

6. I know David Reutimann deserves a better team than the one he has now. The journeyman has some talent, but runs for a lousy team, Michael Waltrip Racing.

The journeyman driver is better known for this wreck, above, than for anything else he has done on the track, and that’s partly Waltrip’s fault.
Darrel’s younger brother needs to figure out if he wants to be a TV personality, a car owner or a driver and just stick with one. But it was nice to see Reutimann pull out a win Monday because of some good racing luck.
NASCAR All Star Auto Racing7. I know Jimmie Johnson has a Twitter account and it is called fake_Jimmie. His teammate, Jeff Gordon, has an account called fake_jeff. As far as I can tell, those accounts actually are theirs.
They’re keeping it real.
From fake_Jimmie: “I swear the only time I’m alone anymore is the car or the toilet! Actually just the toilet, I have to listen to Chad in the car!”
From fake_jeff: “Just heard Nelly’s “E.I.” on the radio. Hadn’t heard it in a long time. Still cool to hear my name!”
Jimmie follows Kevin Smith. Jeff follows only five people, the only non-racing person is ESPN reporter Marty Smith. I don’t know what to make of that. Stay tuned to this blog for a complete list of drivers’ Twitter accounts.74100267RM003_Dodge_Avenger

8. I know Tony Eury Jr. isn’t long for this world, at least, the world of being Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s crew chief. Earnhardt has only three top 10 finishes in the season’s first 12 races.
When asked about Eury Jr., team owner Rick Hendrick was noncommittal. In the past he strongly has defended Eury Jr.
NASCAR Charlotte Auto Racing9. I know the Indianapolis 500 starts too late.
I realize egos have pushed the race start time back to 12:15, too late for drivers to pull a double.
But you’ve now got some NASCAR guys who no doubt would be interested in swinging doubleheaders at Indy and Charlotte, and at least one, Tony Stewart, is free of contractual obligations that prevent him from running at the Brickyard in May. Because as team owner, he writes his own contract.
Want some sizzle? Want more than 300,000 at Indy? You’re gonna need the NASCAR stars’ help.

10. I know that Danica Patrick will head to NASCAR next year. As I have already written. IRL Indy 500 Auto RacingShe won’t be able to say no to NASCAR’s money.
I know she has pretty much maxed out her fame in IndyCar. She hasn’t come anywhere close to maxing out her results, but unless a seat came open at Ganassi or Penske, there’s no way she’ll do much better than she has.
Outside of trying to come back for another shot at an Indy win, Danica is gone.

2 comments to Ten things I know

  • David

    Things that make you go HMMMMMMMMM…

    Interesting read!!


  • Seven Burke

    As you state, “unless a seat [comes] open at Ganassi or Penske, there‚Äôs no way” Danica Patrick will do much better.


    That is exactly what I have been saying. In fact, I have been knocking Andretti-Green saying stuff like, “Why can’t you guys get the speed Penske or Ganassi are getting?”

    Danica is a GOOD driver.

    She could win – with speed.

    And with Andretti-Green, that’s something she just ain’t getting enough of.

    I have no idea what Ganassi or Penske do differently, but whatever it is, if Danica can’t get on those teams, she should punt to NASCAR – but only if she can get with a TOP team!

    Seven From Scottsdale
    (Where we LUV our Danica!)

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