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More from Dan Wheldon

Defending Iowa Corn Indy 250 winner took time away from hanging out with his new son and adding to his 300-plus pair shoe collection to talk to me. Here’s what he had to say: Can you defend your Iowa title with this team? I think so. The biggest thing this year is when you look [...]

Questions for Dario Franchitti?

I will talk with Dario Franchitti on Friday morning as he prepares for this weekend’s third Iowa Corn Indy 250 at Iowa Speedway in Newton. If there’s anything you’d like me to ask him, please post it here in the comments. I’ll post excerpts from the interview here. Franchitti won the first Iowa Corn Indy [...]

Ten things I know

With all apologies to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King and his “Ten things I think I think,” here’s 10 things I know after the biggest racing weekend of the year: 1. I know the IndyCar Series needs help at promoting its races and has needed that help for a long time. It might finally get that [...]

Live chat from Indy!

Join the live chat with Nate Bloomquist from Indianapolis Motor Speedway at noon Sunday right here: Indianapolis 500

Paul Tracy speaks, or is it Brett Favre?

In an exclusive interview with me, Paul Tracy dished on everything from wearing wrestling masks to being Brett Favre’s doppelganger, or not. Here are some highlights from the interview. There’s more to come in Friday’s edition of the Quad-City Times and in the Race Trax podcast. Paul Tracy almost won the 2002 Indianapolis 500, or [...]

Questions for Paul Tracy?

Do you have any questions for the 2002 Indianapolis 500 winner, ahem, I mean, the runner up? I will conduct an interview with the 2003 Champ Car World Series champion this week. If you have any questions you would like me to ask him please post a comment. I will post excerpts from the interview [...]

The world according to Danica

What Danica Patrick had to say about temper-tantrums, her Kentucky Derby outfit and, oh yeah, the Indianapolis 500.

Where does Shrub rank now?

Is Kurt Busch the best 24-year-old ever in the history of anything? Or even just racing?

Uncle Sam should pull the plug

NASCAR fans might soon get some extra enjoyment out of Sundays. They’ll see their taxpayer dollars at work. But the U.S. government would be wise to stop that sort of foolhardiness. It, after all, knows a thing or two about wasteful spending. While GM and the rest of the Big three skid closer to bankruptcy, [...]

Send Kyle to F1

Why not give Kyle Busch haters what they want. They’re right. Shrub should go away… to Formula One. He’d be perfect there, and Sunday’s win in Las Vegas proved it. And with a group announcing last week it would run an all-American team in Formula One in the 2010 season, Busch has a perfect opportunity. [...]